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A Week of Impactful Books, #4

Book 4: Another Dean Koontz. This one is called Watchers. It was turned into more than one movie; they’re all terrible. (Which is really too bad, because the book has so much potential to be a truly amazing on screen experience!)

Watchers involves 2 extremely intelligent creatures bred in a laboratory. A wonderful, loving golden retriever, who is later named Einstein. And a creature which has an all encompassing hatred for everything — especially The Dog.

As the book moves along, you learn why The Dog and The Outsider exist. And it is amazing and horrible what the scientists achieved. As much as you do do not want something like The Outsider to be real, you equally want to find a dog like Einstein. A dog with intelligence that rivals your own.

The Outsider is the primary antagonist for the book, and it is the terrifying thing you most want to avoid; and it comes after you in the dark places where it cannot be seen.

Yet despite the trail of destruction The Outsider leaves behind, and as much as it wants to REALLY HURT The Dog, Koontz still finds a way to make you feel some sympathy for it.

Like yesterday’s book, Lightning, Watchers is a book I can read, and reread, and reread, and it continues to be fresh and engaging. Koontz really makes you think when you read this. The idea of having a dog like Einstein probably lines up with dreams many of us have had about our pets. What would it be like if we could have a pet who REALLY understood us and could communicate that to us in a way we in turn understood? No doubts about anyone’s meaning. And, yet . . . what horrors could be wrought if science had the skills to do this?

An excellent, fast moving plot. And a story you won’t stop thinking about.

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Author: Amanda Grabler

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