Gluten Free & Tasty! (working title) Based off of my my blog, Gluten Free & Tasty!, this book will provide a more in-depth view of living gluten free, as well as providing the reader with other foods, food additives, and chemicals which I have given up (and why) and why they should consider doing so as well.



Civil Secession  This is an historical fiction / time travel novel in which a modern day Civil War teacher and re-enactor unwittingly travels back in time — into a live battle. He holds the fate of the United States in his hands. Will he keep it on track or send his history spiraling into a new direction?

Earth 2 (working title) A freak accident leads to a crashed space shuttle on a planet that at first glance appears to be just another Earth. But the men who survived quickly learn that while fauna and flora are the same, the people are not. Unlike our Earth, the women here were never forced into the background under a patriarchal society. It made quite a difference.

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