A sampling of some of the poems found within Echoes. Nothing below is the full-text of any poem. Please do not reprint or redistribute without written permission of Amanda Grabler. All poems are published and are protected by copyright.

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Songs of parting
Songs of sorrow
Echo, echo, ‘til tomorrow.
Forever more I’ll hear you calling.

In the distance
In the breeze
I see your face upon the seas
Buoyant in your newfound ways

We sing bitter . . .


“Love, tremulous and tumultuous ”

Tears track silently
on cheeks leaving
wetness and grief in
their wake.
Easily visible like rain
on the hard dirt
path, with deep
wagon-wheel grooves.


“Ancient Slumbers”

Summer’s bitter cry
lathers the air in song
I smooth the lazy pink days gone past
And breathe in the languid days yet to come

She sleeps against my breast
Flooding me with sweet ancient warmth
As the light of a pale quarter moon
Shines its light down on me


“Gentleness brushes souls”

Gentleness brushes souls
like feathers from
wings of birds;
Soothing away an
age-old hurt,
restoring hope and love
to a barren landscape.


“Syncopated Rhythm”

syncopated rhythm
dances, dances, ever stronger
as the dancers beat a tune
with the tapping of their heels
on the hard December . . .

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